Tuesday, November 18, 2008


things are finally starting to settle down. after tomorrow, i should be home free for the entire thanksgiving week.

except for how i have to do another lighting design. and teach my class. and catch up on a semester's worth of reading for advertising class. and put together my book and research things for houseboat honeymoon. and meet with like a bazillion people about college things. and finish my service project. and write that english paper.

maybe it's better that i'm just sticking around for thanksgiving.

oh. and i rearranged my room. it's warmer now, but i'm still getting used to it. maybe i'll make some pictures of it. it's roomier so i guess that's good. but now it's really nice outside lately. i think it got up to 60 or so today. that just figures.


Austin said...

How did you rearrange your room to make it warmer?

Janice said...

Are you going to stop trying to burn your house down by unblocking the heating vent? You're no fun. You need to take risks, even if it does involve the fire department.

anna. said...

well, to be perfectly honest, i still have a small dresser above that vent. just not the big fatty dresser. after moving things, i remembered why i moved the dresser on top of it in the first place (i hate looking at the dumb vent) and moved something slightly smaller on top.

i'm pretty sure it's still a fire hazard though.