Monday, November 10, 2008

better than the dryer.

when i rearranged my room a while ago, i decided to put my dresser over the only vent in the room. was this a stupid idea? maybe. surely that would block the flow of air and make me colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. luckily i wasn't here for the hottest part of the summer, but now that it might be getting colder i started second guessing myself. should i move my dresser? there's not really any other place in the room where it would look good unless i moved absolutely everything else. seems like quite the dilemma, right?

well, i am no longer concerned about this. my room is plenty warm at night and here's the best part: my clothes are warm when i put them on!! i didn't really think that this would happen, but when i reached in one of my drawers and pulled out a warm t-shirt, it was like right out of the dryer, but without having to walk downstairs. awesome.

although now i'm starting to wonder if this might be a fire hazard? nah.

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Austin said...

Okay, this answers my question from you later post. Also, not a bad idea for warm clothes.