Saturday, November 8, 2008

tech week

omg. it's finally almost over.

it's been a long week and our show is practically ready to open. notwithstanding the various technical glitches and the half-hour long scene changes, everyone seems optimistic about opening next week.

my opinion? ticket sales will be high. with about 15 actors constantly busying themselves with tasks and objectives and overlapping lines for over two hours solid, no one will be able to understand it all the first time around and will be forced to come back for a second time. revenue will double. what an ingenious idea.

this play was written by one of my friends who used to go to byu. every time i think about how cool it must be to write a play, i think about how insanely, ridiculously hard it must be also, and that is a definite deterrent. i think i'll stick to news scripts and lighting designs, thanks.

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