Sunday, November 16, 2008

"find your bliss."

guess what? yesterday i met anderson cooper.

this is his show.

he has a show on cnn (anderson cooper 360) and is one of very few real objective reporters and news people. he is totally awesome. he came to slc last night and i went up there with a few people from here and it was great. he talked about making a difference and finding the truth and reporting what matters and knowing the facts. he said to find your passion and define your voice and to always remember to just listen. also: "find your bliss." basically you have to find what you love and do it. and that's what i'm doing with things now. and it's great.

< -- check it.
we even took pictures together.

after hearing all his fabulous stories, though, i really want to go travel this summer. time to start saving up (again).


Janice said...

I'm jealous. He's beautiful.

anna. said...

fact. i got to be right next to him and it was fabulous. yayyy.