Sunday, November 2, 2008

LAC x 2

1. los angeles clippers

as i watched the opening game between the two l.a. teams on wednesday, i thought: who really said, "well, we have the lakers...but something's missing. a sub-par nba team? the clippers? oh yeah, we'll take them. perfect! our city is complete." come on. really? they have only had one winning season in the last fifteen (they've lost the first 3 games of the season so far this year) and let's be real -- as much as i despise the lakers, they can't compete with them.

and i realize that this is perhaps a necessary evil. i've asked around, and apparently nba teams go where the money is at. and there is definitely money to be found in l.a. but still. i wish they would go somewhere that is lacking in the pro sports department. like vegas.

2. live and active cultures

if you didn't know, there's live and active cultures in yogurt. if you are not aware of this, it's probably because you can't read, since they print it on the label of every package of yogurt that was ever made. after learning this at a young age, i made the conscious decision to never eat anything that was alive and could therefore crawl through my insides before being digested (?? if they didn't somehow escape or something!!). so i didn't eat yogurt. this was circa age 8 or 9.

now i am in college and i'm (arguably) smarter than i was in elementary school. i have started eating yogurt just this year and i love it. my favorite flavor is strawberry orange sunrise and it tastes like awesome.

* * * * *

oh. here's a story. i was eating yogurt today for breakfast. emily walks past me, rummages around in her cupboard for a while and pulls out a handful of chocolate donuts. as she is eating them, she turns to me. says: "you know eating yogurt makes you fat, right?"



Austin said...

Oh, were we competing to find blogs? Because I found yours a week ago. Thanks, facebook. So I guess that means I won both the great blog search and our earlier bet. If you'd like to find something to beat me at, I'm game. And best of luck to you.

anna. said...

are you kidding me?

i always win. i'm going to think of something awesome to totally own you at. prepare yourself.

Austin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh, haha, (sniff) ahh ha ha.
No, really, I laughed audibly right there.