Monday, December 15, 2008

new balance

this weekend was fun. i relaxed. i hung out with my friends. i went to spark. i met new people. i got to church on time even though i had to go by myself. i made brownies. i saw a run through of the new play i'm working on. i went to bed after 6am (on saturday night) and before 1am (last night) -- both pretty solid accomplishments and even more so since they were back-to-back nights. i didn't finish much of anything, but i figured out what i need to do so this week should go a little more smoothly after so much planning. this weekend seemed to balance itself out. and this morning i woke up nice and early even though i didn't have to. i think i'll go running before i get so busy. because, why not?

oh. and it snowed this weekend.

plus i'll be back in ohio in five days. wow.

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