Wednesday, December 10, 2008


so i finished writing that paper. it's actually pretty okay. i like writing, and i think i'm at least slightly good at it. for some reason, i just loathe the writing process. i just like to write.

i've become more political lately. i wrote about how obama faked his way into the presidency. not in a bad way...just in the way that he "acted" like a president wayyy better than mccain did (among his many many other fatal campaign flaws) and the american people perceived him to be a better candidate because of the way he portrayed himself in debates, interviews and other such events.

i wrote a similar paper last semester, about how politics is all about performing. only this other one was about how obama and hilary "performed their minority status" in their race to get the democratic nomination. and who performed it better? obama again. (i got a perfect score on that paper. not that i'm bragging, just that i'm awesome (at writing that one paper). only perfect grade in the entire class. yessss.)

it's not that i think these candidates are bad people. or even fake ones. they just know how to show certain parts of themselves to make them look best and that's why they win.

this reminds me of the anderson cooper lecture last month. he said that he always wondered why people wanted to be news anchors first, instead of being reporters or something else. he said something like, "it's like...why do you want to be a politician? why would you want to be a fake person when you could be a real one instead?" i thought that was funny. i don't think i'll ever be an anchor, but mostly because i'm pretty sure i'm terrible on camera. it's safer for me to hide behind a computer and produce or write stories where the american audience doesn't have to watch me. maybe someday though...

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