Monday, January 19, 2009

in and out.

let's be honest. although i've never seen it, i would imagine that my brain isn't too gigantic. there are always things that i mean to do but tend to forget about, facts that i used to be able to retain but lately am at a loss when i try to recall. i'm not entirely sure how brains work, but there must be some sort of brain flow process, allowing you to process and retain certain information, while at the same time erasing other less-vital facts and ideas. this happens on a daily basis. from the day i was born until the day i die, i will be simultaneously remembering and forgetting things at an alarmingly astounding rate.

as i'm writing this, i'm anticipating completing my weekend reading assignments. and yet...when i read any earlier than very-close-to-right-before-class-starts, i've found that i forget things hardcore and am unable to remember what i read (even if i did all the reading). perhaps it's because sometimes i don't really care to remember what i'm reading, so my brain puts this new information in the "just barely care" file, which gets dumped out every few hours. i wonder if this is a conscious decision or if i will just be that way forever.

it's science. i don't pretend to understand it.

* * * * *

oh. and i bought a book today. "the tipping point," by malcolm gladwell. i'd been meaning to read it and i finally decided to just go out and get it. yay. i love new books.

also on the list for today: new year's resolutions. some may argue that halfway into january is not a good time to be beginning something like this, but i beg to differ. while most people are waxing and waning over their overly ambitious goals and ideals for the new year, i have been spending the last few weeks thinking about what i really want to accomplish this year and creating my own list of ideas. i won't write them here, but i think i'm more likely to go through with them now that many people have already given up on their resolutions. life is better when you make up your own rules anyways. so happy new years / mlk day.

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Michelle said...

I totally have a "just barely care" file and it's busting at the seams. 2 of my resolutions have already "flew the coop" but one is still hangin' on. I miss you too, girlie!!!! BTW, your boyfriend says hey :)