Thursday, September 24, 2009

little by little.

by the time i fell asleep last night, it was about 10:30 PM. but let's be real -- that's still a significant improvement from the past two weeks. i woke up at 5:10 AM today and went about my life like usual...getting my typical mid-day you've-been-awake-too-long headache around 2 PM. rrr.

it's kind of frustrating. i mean, i went to bed wayyy earlier than i have been. shouldn't i get one great day when i don't have a headache or feel not-good at some point? don't i at least deserve that much???

and the more i thought about it, the dumber it sounded. it seems like results should be instantaneous. you get more sleep -- BOOM. you should have an awesome day. you run six miles a day -- BOOM. you should be able to get in shape in a snap. you eat fruits and vegetables for every meal -- BOOM. your immune system should realize that you are properly nutrified (is that a word?) and take better care of itself.

and yet...that's never the case.

so -- long term. gotta start thinking "big picture." it's not about one night of sleep or one yogilates session or three to five vegetables a day. it's about cultivating good habits and practicing and training your mind and body to do the things they should do.

and even though i'm rational enough now to write it all down...i wish it was the other way. because, wouldn't that just be way easier? *exasperated*

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