Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sometimes when i'm really tired, i think about all of the things i need to do on a given night. like tonight -- i need to study for my spanish test. solidify my lighting design concept for children of eden. do the reading for my pogp class and take a quiz. read a chapter of my international communications book and answer the questions at the end. go for a run. find my blue sweatshirt. buy stuff for collin's cake tomorrow. catch up on the day's news.

even just listing all of those things are exhausting.

and then the best part: instead of doing any of it, i'm going to go to bed instead. 9:30 on a tuesday night. because for the past two weeks, i haven't had more than (#) of consecutive hours of sleep (i don't know if i want to say it because my mom will think i am crazy...) and now i am just too tired. so now...sleep. g'night all.

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