Saturday, September 12, 2009

osu football.

what a ridiculous game today.

can i just say that? they were doing so well until everything just fell apart in the last minute.

at least the owlz won their playoff game tonight. and byu totally owned tulane. but neither victory can make up for the gigantic hole in my heart that grows a little more with every buckeye game that we should have won.


Natalie Marie said...

ah shoot, I was going to text you about the game, but I'm kinda glad I didn't. I think it would've been more salt in the wound. And thanks for letting me sit with you tonight, it meant a lot :)

Mrs. D said...

:( sad day.
I think it would have been just a little better had we made buckeyes. for next time, then?

Scotty said...

Welcome to the painful loss club. My team lost in the last ten second in a game they outplayed the other team. And I HATE that other team... so is the life of a real sports fan. It just makes the big victories that much sweeter.