Sunday, September 6, 2009

while i was sleeping...

so i've officially been back in utah for just over a week now. and of course my sleeping schedule is fubar-ed (that's a word i learned at my internship over the's an acronym, in case you want to try to figure it out) because of the time difference and the non-stop days of driving and the new class schedule and my super-early spanish class and the staying up late and the random naps and everything else.

not that i'm surprised. when my little sister told me she hadn't been getting a lot of sleep lately, i just told her, "welcome to college." but i think i took it one step further this morning.

i'll be honest. i was out late last night. i think i went to bed around four. when i woke up around noon to get ready for church (which is at one), i noticed something unusual on my phone -- i had made a phone call at about 9 a.m...and talked to someone for about ten minutes.

i have no idea what we talked about.

i texted M tonight to ask what i might have said, but he thinks the entire situation is hilarious and won't tell me anything that happened during our conversation. and he's one of my really good friends, so there are very few things i wouldn't talk to him about anyways, but still...hah.

guess i need to find a way to get enough sleep this semester so i can avoid any potentially embarrassing social faux pas over the next few months...

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