Sunday, September 27, 2009

the brownie champ.

i have always kind of prided myself on my baking skills. i don't have a ton, but i love cooking and trying new kinds of food. i don't like to use someone else's recipe and i don't like to measure, so it is always a surprise to see how things turn out. just in the past week, i have made chocolate swirl cheesecake, two different kinds of brownies, a pasta salad and a few other main dishes -- all from scratch or improvised from dishes i have seen before.

in other, slightly-related news, i'm on the ward prayer committee. there's four of us in the group -- two boys and two girls. today, the girls made treats and, as it turned out, we both made brownies. she brought hers upstairs and i left mine downstairs in the kitchen. (i feel like i should also preface this by saying that this girl is really pretty and really skinny and really nice. one of those girls that you want to hate, but you cant) so after ward prayer is over, everyone eats brownies and is happy and things are good.

i went downstairs to get my plate and it was empty and everyone in the kitchen told me how yummy my brownies were (yay) and it was cool. and then i saw the other girl on the committee bringing her plate downstairs -- still mostly full. she made a comment about how my brownies must have been awesome since they were gone. maybe she was kidding, but i don't care.


and i realize this has nothing to do with how she is prettier than me or skinnier than me or nicer than me or really anything at all.

but who cares? that's still a win in my book.


Mrs. D said...

WINNER. thats what you get for being bananas all the time. and you are too beautiful. :)

skroner said...

your pumpkin choc chip muffins > everything that skinny girl could've ever made.