Thursday, October 1, 2009

at the library.

here i am. it is early. i am tired. but instead of taking a nap (which is what i really want to do), i am forcing myself to be productive. time to get assignments out of the way and figure out how i am going to finish everything i need to do over the weekend.

mostly, i am trying to decide what i want to cook. i'm thinking something along the lines of pumpkin-chocolate-chip-something...maybe cookies or muffins. maybe i should bring some food in when i produce again on monday. (oh...i produced a live newscast on monday. i'll do another one this upcoming monday. and is the coolest thing ever. <3 the news)

so overall, suddenly it is october and it is freezing out. for some reason, that makes me think about christmas music, so i started listening to some last night. and then today in spanish class, we sang a christmas song there too. guess that's what people instinctively think of when they realize it's freezing out. i'm not complaining though...sweatshirt weather is lovely. i just didn't expect it so suddenly. i should pay better attention to the weather channel.

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Rachael said...

Yay, I follow your blogs now. Well, except the restricted ones. I am so glad it is cold again also. Time for hot cocoa and sweaters. You and Emily need to come to my house and meet my fish. Or I need to come to your house and just hang out. I miss you guys.