Sunday, October 25, 2009


sometimes on sundays i think of everything i did during the past week. and sometimes it feels like a ton of things and i wonder how i fit everything in. it's one of those days. let's make a massive list.

monday: made three revisions to my plot for children of eden. started to hang the lights for my show. helped to produce a newscast. fhe with ryan and emily.

tuesday: ran a spotlight for devotional. broke everything we touched at the marriott center with jon. went to a story meeting for the news. got a 89% on my spanish speaking test. worked more on my lights for children of eden. met with a director i will be working with later in the semester. hiked the y and helped to light it for homecoming with ryan.

wednesday: baked three kinds of muffins at four in the morning. produced my own newscast. came home and took a nap. ran a spotlight for homecoming spectacular. worked late for tech and created team t-rex. minor brush with swine flu. watched jon spill mountain dew all over his shoe.

thursday: applied to graduate in april (!). successfully got approved to graduate in april. worked through piles of paperwork to see if i can go back to my old station for christmas. slept for almost 8 consecutive hours in the middle of the day. went to my friends' ultimate frisbee game. hiked the y a second time within 24 hours of the first time.

friday: meeting with supervisors for my play. attended a production meeting. made more muffins and gave them to my neighbors. took down the lights for the gigantic homecoming show in record times with my awesome crew. invited everyone to my house and had movie night with the boys.

saturday: watched the osu game. watched oregon game with mikey and devin. taught non-member girl about the church with bo for like an hour. opera / j-dawgs with thorn. made a halloween costume for myself (football player) and helped thorn with his costume too. halloween party with him. watched labyrinth for the first time with some friends.

sunday: church. got set apart for my calling (finally). decided to embrace my calling and introduced myself to a bunch of new people. met some nice boys from the ballroom dance company. interviewed a boy for spotlight time. coordinated ward prayer. and still going!

(i guess it seemed like a ton more stuff before i broke it up into the individual days. but it was kind of a mess then and this is a lot easier to read.)

its funny to think about this week in retrospect. i know there were times this week when i felt sick or depressed or upset, but now that i look back, i only remember the fun things. i guess that's a good thing to remember -- that when we look back on the things we do, the happy things will stand out and the other less-awesome things can sort of fade to the background. time to think more long-term. because twenty years from now, i won't remember the headache i had during homecoming tech...i'll remember trying to run over graham's ex girlfriends and watching zoolander at 2 AM and hiking the y too many times with a 24-hour period. because that's what counts.


Jon George said...

You forgot something very important: Watching Jon spill his Mountain Dew all over his shoe.

Courtney said...

Why did you make four different types of muffins at four in the morning? And I finally got set apart yesterday too!

Rachael said...

You are in charge of ward prayer now? Eek. I had that calling for a year. Good luck. It's fun most weeks.

Mrs. D said...

you are crazzzzy.
ps kevs says he misses you. he told me so.


anna. said...

jon -- fixed ( : also added...when we broke everything on tuesday after the devotional.

courtney -- i always make muffins for my news people when i am the producer. and i like to bring them fresh so i bake them in the a.m. before i have to be there (at 7AM). you should come have some next time i produce (next wednesday).

rachael -- i actually love it. i get to meet lots of fun people and our ward is really interesting and full of awesome people.

mrs. d -- i also miss the kevs. also you. top model this week??