Monday, October 19, 2009

get real.

waking up at 5AM is not something i enjoy. and yet...i do it most everyday. doing so makes me really tired by about 3PM. by afternoon-time, i am ready to just be done. but my classes are far from over and i usually have work or something too. luckily, i have some fab friends in my classes (and some who come just to visit even after someone totally steals their seat and they can't sit by me anyways and i feel really bad and instead i spend the entire class time thinking about how dumb i am and why didn't i fix it?) and they keep me awake and not-dead. i think i have some of the coolest people for friends this year and i love it and i love them.

i think that's what i want to say today. you never realize what you have been missing out on until you have a good handful of people you care about and you wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place. that's how i feel everyday when i see one in the hallway or at work or in class or get a text or something small like that. everywhere around me are the most awesome people i have ever met in my life. i am the luckiest girl there ever was.

i was talking to a boy this weekend about what we were passionate about. i think i'm passionate about people. humans and their stories and what they've been through and the things they're afraid of and the things that make them happy and their goals and their failures and their secret loves and their favorite things.

technology is great, but you can never beat real, live, person-to-person interaction. it's easy to lose sight of that, but the more i spend time with certain people, the more i remember it. and that's why i love the news and theatre -- because it's real people and real stories and real adventures and real heartbreaks and real everything.

i need real things in my life.
and thats why i think i am passionate about people.
(for real)


Courtney said...

I liked this post Miss Anna. And I am tired by 5 PM, also. What exciting lives we lead.

Jon said...

I'm tired by 10:00 AM.