Wednesday, October 7, 2009

awkwardly overheard.

let's set the stage. i'm in the communications office on the third floor, waiting to get my add/drop card signed (for one of the most AWESOME-EST things that might be happening in my not-so-distant future if all goes according to plan...) and i see these two guys walking past out of the corner of my eye. i'm not sure how well they know each other, but they are walking together down my hallway.

first guy: so hey, where are you going?
second guy: uh...the bathroom.
first guy: oh cool, me too.

and then it was awkwardly silent as they kept walking together. i wonder what was going through second guy's mind right then.

did they end up going to the bathroom together? i don't know. but i think it's funny that something that would be perfectly normal for a pair of girls to do could be so awkward for a duo of dudes.

that's my story for the day. the end.


Ranteumptom said...

The awkwardness hinges on one thing. "oh cool." Going to the bathroom with a friend, or stranger, no problem. Having them think it's cool, a problem in every conceivable scenario.

Bethie Ann said...

what are you changing in your life? I want to know!!! I don't see you anymore....
P.S. I am working on updating my blog! Pictures will be on soon!