Saturday, October 31, 2009

on the radio.

i can't figure out how to make my ipod work in my car, so i've been listening to the radio a lot lately. there's a few songs that are in heavy rotation, and it's always interesting to hear what's "popular" or "requested" here in utah...mostly a lot of miley and hip hop stuff, ironically enough.

i had this song i really liked and i found it online and it was awesome -- "fireflies," by owl city" -- and then i heard it on the radio, and i wasn't sure if that made me like it more or less. suddenly, it wasn't a secret song of my very was shared with everyone who heard it on the radio. but then maybe it creates some sense of community? i don't know.

i was thinking about this in terms of tv. i own a ton of movies (seriously...a lot) but when i see a movie i like on tv, i am always really excited to watch it. and i know i could watch it without commercial interruptions (and also from start to finish, instead of starting halfway through) but i like watching it on tv anyways. there's something awesome about watching something with millions of other people.

or at least ten or so.

as a sidenote, i've been to a few different halloween parties in the past week or so, and every college student in the state seems to know the words to "party in the u.s.a." perfectly. that should be kind of embarrassing, but i think it's hilarious. even i know all the words...i'm not ashamed. time to go find another costume for tonight (last week i was a football player and last night i was daphne from scooby doo). tonight...who knows...


Courtney said...

I agree there is something so much more appealing about watching a movie on TV. I don't know what it is. And I am guilty of knowing all the words to Miley Cyrus song. Even though I hate it.

Ranteumptom said...

I feel your pain. I found Fireflies online and it exploded onto OSU about a week and a half later. For me, this makes it far less enjoyable.

I refused to play that Miley song at my party. But someone plugged their ipod into the speakers so they could play it. Foiled. But as for knowing the lyrics, there are only about a dozen words, so it's pretty easy.