Monday, November 2, 2009


i guess we got an extra hour of sleep over the weekend. all i know is, we left the loft around 1:30 AM...came home...went grocery shopping and came back around...1:30 AM. crazy.

and then today i left for school at the same time as usual (6:30 AM...yuck) and it was surprisingly bright. i mean, i guess i shouldn't be so surprised but i still sort of was. i came home 12 hours later and of course, it was totally dark. yet another "surprise" that i should be used to...daylight savings still confuses me. i realize how it helps conserve energy and stuff, but still. who thought of it anyways?

actually never mind. i just looked it up.

"modern DST was first proposed in 1895 by george vernon hudson, a new zealand entomologist."

apparently he liked to collect insects around the turn of the century and proposed a two-hour time shift so he could take advantage of extra daylight to find more bugs. scientists have decided that although daylight savings has mixed effects on health, the economy and the complexities of everyday life, it is a good way to conserve energy (about .5% over an extended period of time, according to a 2008 study by the u.s. dept. of energy) and so...we do it.

minus like arizona and indiana.

now seems like a good time to mention how much i love my bedroom. i have one window and it faces west into a mini-forest. because of this, i can take naps at any time, day or night, and it is usually always nice and dark. not that i wouldn't be able to fall asleep otherwise, but still it is nice and i love it.

p.s. highs in the 50's and 60's in the forcast for the week?
...yes, please!!
(too bad i will be stuck in the theatre for most of the daylight hours...)


Spencer said...

Daylight Savings is weirding me out right now. It gets dark so early, resulting in me being tired even earlier than usual!

Anonymous said...

wait. u actually complain about being in the theatre all day?

there's nothing like walking into a theatre at a bright 10am and not seeing any sky till it's pitch black out. makes u feel like u rly worked hard (even better when it surprises u that it's dark out)

Anonymous said...

Indiana does DST.

anna. said...

@ spencer: amen. but then again, i am usually tired all the time...

@ anonymous the first: hah. i can't really complain because i love it. but i do wish i could have been out in the sun today instead of in the dark theatre for too many hours.

and @ anonymous the second: yes...but it's in like 2 different time zones! plus they didn't use to. indiana is crazy.

skroner said...

mini-forest? really? remind me to look out your window next time i'm over.

p.s. good luck this week at theatre! i'm getting so stoked to come see the show in a couple weeks! (:

skroner said...

p.s. i fully expect a yanks win world series post.. asap.