Thursday, November 5, 2009


is it really the end of thursday?! wow.

this week has flown past so fast. it probably helps that i've been inside the theatre nonstop...skipping my classes and going through cues and work notes. i produced our election recap on wednesday (i had to be in the newsroom at 6AM...yuck) and i've spent the rest of the entire week eating honey wheat pretzels and peanut m&m's in the pardoe theatre. what a week.

my show is getting a little better each day, which is obviously ideal. it's definitely better than it getting worse as the days progress...and more is being added as the week goes on. maybe it will turn out awesome...only time will tell.

for now, i wish i had time for a nap. but i'll settle for catching up on some late-night homework. maybe i'll have time to watch football this weekend or a movie or something relaxing and crazy like that.

children of eden comes out next week! yesssss.


Courtney said...

Anna I can't believe how busy you are! Newsroom by 6 should be illegal! But I'm sure your newscast went well, no muffins this time?

anna. said...

well, elections...what can you do. the show went really well, but i was working til after midnight the night before so i couldn't muster up the gumption to wake up at 3:30AM to start on muffins. i'll make some next wednesday though to make up for it ( :

Mrs. D said...

mmm pretzels and m&ms. save some for me?? I miss you. want to come to my house this weekend? Drews working nonstop... so kevs and i will be home aloooone