Sunday, November 15, 2009

the cabin.

i just got back from three beautiful days in a cabin in kamas (about an hour or so northeast of provo, way up in the mountains) -- no cable tv, no cell phone reception, no internet and no worrying about all the dumb things that have been gnawing at me for the entire semester.

it. was. awesome.

granted, i didn't plan on staying over the whole weekend, but after a torrential blizzard in the mountains, we decided to wait it out and come back today, when the snow was a little more manageable.

there was a good bunch of us there, about 15-20 boys and girls total, and we had all the necessities of life: movies, rock band and breakfast food. we played in the snow, made campfires, played lots of games, went sledding and made lots of hot chocolate and other food (and a total mess). oh. and there was a critter that ate some of our potato chips, but we caught him and he was really cute. he wasn't a mouse or a rat or a squirrel or a groundhog, but he was some combination of them and he looked really scared when he found himself stuck in the little cage.

i met a lot of interesting people and got to know the people i already knew better, so that was fun. it was nice to just not worry about things. now i'm back in provo and my mind's going a million miles per minute all over again. but at least i had that little bit of time to relax.

as a side-note, i am so done with this semester. my spanish class is killing me and my play just opened, i have a group project to finish (which just had its due date moved CLOSER! -- what kind of a teacher does that??) and i wish i had any free time at all. next semester will be better. i say that every semester? maybe. but this time i mean it.

[[apologies for a boring blog post...blah]]


Courtney said...

that sounds fun! i sometimes wish i could be snowed in somewhere so i would have an excuse to stay in my pajamas and read all day!

Rachael said...

I wish I could get snowed in somewhere. That sounds like a blast. My roommate Lisa was from Kamas, it's pretty there. I hope the end of your semester goes well. Three more weeks. Yay!

Anonymous said...

if that's boring....

i cant wait to see ur unboring.