Saturday, November 28, 2009

the post-thanksgiving rant.

when your life's going wrong, when the fates are unkind
when you're limping along and get kicked from behind
tell yourself how lucky you are.

why decry a cloudy sky, an empty purse, a crazy universe?
my philosophy is simply...things could be worse!

so be happy you're here. think of life as a thrill
and if worse comes to worse (as we all know it will)
thank your lucky star you've gotten this far...
how lucky you are!
^ from "seussical the musical"

i love how thankful everyone has been this past week. 'tis the season to give and love and do service and be awesome.

...and then, after january 1st...go back to normal.

i don't want to say that people aren't genuine. and i don't want to suggest that people are only nice and selfless during the holiday season...but it's kind of a little bit true. everyone has their stereotypical "thanksgiving" blog post about how grateful they are for their families and friends and everything else. there's nothing wrong with that. but it's kind of sad that no one will think twice about all the millions of things they're blessed with after the first of the year.

after that -- it's all about being self-absorbed again with new year's resolutions and such. i shouldn't bash new year's resolutions either (although i seriously hate how crowded the gym is in january...there should be special privileges for people who actually go there year-round) but it's just another passing fad that will be tossed aside like last season's high heels and bubble skirts.

so here's to humans, the luckiest of all, who love and help others, who donate their time and means, who look out for each other and do everything in their power to make the world a happier place (for six weeks out of the year).


skroner said...

couldn't agree more.
even though i'll probably start going to the gym more THIS month instead of january..
so hopefully i'm not included in the lame group of newyearsresolutioners (:

p.s. the pumpkin choc chip muffins are a hit.

love you!

Anonymous said...

i like your sunshine