Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shooting stars, part 2

it's official. i'm a total space nerd.

i went with some friends tonight to see another meteor shower. only this time, it was freezing and icy and up in the mountains (instead of warm and in ohio over the summer like last time). but good.

first of all. even if there hadn't been a meteor shower, going up in the mountains (where there aren't so many city lights all over the place and polluting the air) was awesome. there were billions of stars all over the place. it looked almost surreal.

and then the stars started falling out of the sky.

anyways, how cool are shooting stars? cool. it's awesome that we can watch them from our little vantage point on earth without worrying that they might accidentally smash into us (maybe) and just enjoy the beauty of nature all around us in the middle of a mostly frigid night.

life can be hard. it almost invariably involves homework and stress and heartbreak and being busy and being tired and all of the crazy things in between. but it's hard to think about silly things like that when you have the entire solar system staring back at you at 2AM. there is so much more out there than we could possibly imagine.

shooting stars are so awesome. you get to make wishes ( :

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