Tuesday, October 6, 2009

real live theatre.

we've been prepping for this mysterious "theatre mitu" production for a week or two now, without really knowing what to expect. i finally met the lighting designer yesterday (who's handiwork included over 250 cues for a show that is about three hours long...all of which i got to program before they arrived) and we started finishing everything and worked on cueing today.

it's not that i haven't worked with professional theatre people...but still. this has been kind of unexpectedly awesome. we rehearse things (and by "we," i mean they do, and i run the lights) and then sometimes the stage manager says to stop and the actors stop and just stand there. it's incredible. they don't start talking to each other or walk away from the spot they're supposed to be standing in. and they know all their lines. for real. i even talked to the actors today and they were all super-nice.

days like today make me think i could really do theatre in a professional setting...if only people took it more seriously here, life would be soo much easier.

but i love my theatre anyways and children of eden is coming along nicely. we have a full run-through on thursday and i plan to get a lot of work done this weekend too. mostly because i have to, but yeah. also because i get to. the end.

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Courtney said...

Oh, hey Anna. Remember when we saw you on Monday and you were NOT going to Ed's class, you were going to the HFAC? You really missed out.