Monday, August 9, 2010

what did i make this weekend?

1. a house.
(before our wall)
...putting up a wall with the boys.
2. orange chocolate chip muffins.
3. friends in provo canyon at midnight.
4. POOP!
just kidding. that was dustin.
plus i went to an owlz game with emily!
more clouds ( :


Natalie Marie said...

Pictures with Dustin are ADORABLE! :)

skroner said...

i seriously thought you were joking after i read the first line.. but you seriously helped build a HOUSE?! how can i get in on this? some habitat for humanity thing or something? ps the background is gorgeous. except that's probably something you built, too. meaning JUST KIDDING cause of course it's gorgeous cause its UTAH. unless you moved which is impossible since you didn't tell me if you did. but you didn't. and i'm seeing you in t-minus FOUR DAYS. 143 <3

Rachael said...

Anna, your weekend looks amazing. We need to have a weekend together again. Ok? We don't even have to build a house, just hang out at one.