Monday, August 2, 2010

5th place = doom.

i am SO ANGRY with TV lately. in the past week, my two favorite people (billy and brad) have been voted off their shows ("so you think you can dance" + "the next food network star") and each have landed in the dreaded 5th place slot. neither of them seemed angry, but i am.

here's why.
^ this is billy. he was awesome on "sytycd" and wowed the judges with his versatility and awesome skills. he's a contemporary dancer who always pushed the envelope and did cool, edgy numbers when he could choreograph himself. and yet...he got voted off. this is stupid because he's a way better dancer than lauren (who is seriously only on the show because she is the last girl standing) and now they are left with 4 lame contemporary dancers. BORING.
^ this is brad. he was one of the best chefs on "tnfns" but got voted off since the judges seemed to want 2 boys and 2 girls to go to NYC for the next phase of the show. he may not have been the best on camera, but that can be improved on with practice (trust me). some things that can't be improved on? being TOTALLY CRAZY (i'm looking at you, aria and tom) and having emotional breakdowns every other day (herb and aarti). bobby flay...we're officially fighting.

anyways. what is the moral of this story, friends?

if i love you, 5th place is the best you can do.
sorry. but it's the truth.

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