Friday, August 6, 2010

things that matter.

i've been feeling very claustrophobic lately so i decided to go through everything i own and get rid of stuff that i don't absolutely need.

if you know me, you may be surprised to hear that i'm actually super sentimental and have a difficult time throwing things away. ask my parents -- they have boxes full of crap (read: yearbooks, sheet music, art projects, notes from bff's, pictures, notebooks full of short stories, poetry and random writings...the list goes on and on) still stored in their basement, waiting (sort-of) patiently for me to return and reclaim them. i'm trying to keep this from becoming a problem on both sides of the country so that's why i'm doing this here.

some things i can't bear to throw away: pictures. show programs. books. birthday cards. love (?) letters. ticket stubs. stuff like that.

there are few actual school-related things i've elected to keep. about 97% of them fall into two categories: stories i've worked on (with the news or my writing classes) and theatrical endeavors (from classes, projects and dozens of other shows i worked on over the years).

i don't think i'm nostalgic...i just like to remember things. since i have a terrible memory, this is the only way i know how. and even though looking back isn't the best way to look forward, i can't help it. everything i've done...everything i've seen and everyone i've talked to and all the things i've's made me who i am today.

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skroner said...

the end.
i see you in a week?! (: