Saturday, August 14, 2010

shooting stars, parts 3 + 4.

have i mentioned how much i love space / meteor showers / etc?
yes. i have.
if you don't know by now, you must not be listening.
on sunday, i went up to vivian park with some friends and we saw a bunch of shooting stars. then last night, i was at sundance with some people from my ward and we got to check out the perseid meteor shower. i saw NINE shooting stars and it was just incredible.
and guess what?
now i have nine wishes.

plus, a guy i went with mentioned how all the stars are there all the time (even during the day) and we just can't see them. i know that's true, but i'd never really thought about it. if only we could open up our eyes enough to see them all the time...that would be so cool.

can life get any better?
i submit that it cannot.

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