Wednesday, August 11, 2010

beloved heartbreakers.

"failure is the fabric of life. scientists call it entropy, where nature tends from order to disorder. things fall apart. dishwashers stop. cars die...each morning ends in darkness. for the majority of ohio's sports fans, each season ends in darkness, too. but a light has been lit for those who adhere to the scarlet and gray faith. those blessed buckeyes have begun."
- rob oller, the columbus dispatch
it's true. the buckeyes have been known to break my heart on many an occasion. but i can't help it...i love them just the same. and for every heartbreak, there have been countless good memories -- last year's rose bowl victory. the 2002 national championship. the 80% win percentage over the past 10 years. the sweater vests. finding the love of my life: james laurinaitis. plus so many fun OSU parties here in us a reason to hang out with people from back home and eat lots of peanut butter and chocolate.
^ two of my favs: dane sanzenbacher and brandon saine.

it's buckeye time, baby. bring on football season.
^ p.s. here's my #33 (james laurinaitis) and coach tressel. james plays for the st. louis rams now but i still just love him sometimes ( :

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skroner said...

ayaya buckeyes! (: