Tuesday, August 17, 2010

slowly but surely...

i'm becoming a real-live college graduate.

...but not TOO quickly. guess they're trying to keep me from getting too excited about being an adult too fast. so thank you, BYU -- way to keep me growing up at a good (read: really, really slow) pace.
^ step 1: get diploma when you walk across the stage at graduation!
JUST KIDDING. it's not a real one.
^ step 2: get miniature diploma in the mail 3 months later
(shown next to my driver's license for the sake of comparison)

i mean...seriously? i just graduated from COLLEGE.
you think i can't handle a full-sized diploma??
gosh. well, maybe in another three months...

luckily, the waiting game is pretty much what my life has come to.
at least i have some things to amuse me while i wait...
^ like my family!
(suffering through chinese food + chopsticks just because i like it)
p.s. as a child, eating "ethnic food" meant having hot dogs.
and maybe cereal.
p.p.s. i know those aren't really ethnic foods. that's the point.
p.p.p.s. daniel dropped one of his chopsticks about two minutes after i took this picture...maybe less. the rest of the family fared slightly better with their asian silverware (woodware? plasticware?).


Jon said...

Weird, Rachael got her real diploma WAY before her awesome mini diploma came. Hope it gets there soon!

Anonymous said...

maybe you have overdue library books? hmmmmm, hmmmmmm! do you!?

anna. said...

nope, i didn't really like the library. i like having books for keeps. but if they gave me a tiny diploma...doesn't that mean there's got to be a life-sized version somewhere??