Friday, July 30, 2010

"...that's nice. marie! the baguettes! hurry up!"

with all the craziness lately, it's been a while since i made something new + awesome. i've been itching to make some bread so here's my project from tonight: braided whole wheat loaves (one's half eaten):
when i look at them, i can't help thinking of the part in "beauty and the beast" when belle is running around the city and saying good morning to everyone (mostly because there's bread in that scene).
i think i can kind of relate to belle. i like to read. i like france. and i'm effortlessly awesome at jump roping. true -- i don't have a crazy, muscly, villain man lusting after me (...or do i?!) but we are alike in other ways. like how we both want more than this provincial life.


Spencer said...

Yum! That bread looks so good!

skroner said... i just discovered on a camping trip this week that my friend (bff) jill knows EVERY WORD to this song. and she sang it. and we laughed. we cried. it moved me, bob.

just love beauty and the beast and yummy anna baking/cooking-ness (: