Saturday, July 24, 2010

hospital adventures.

ruth had a baby on monday (eek!) and everything has been a crazy whirlwind ever since then. baby d should be coming home soon, but until's some highlights (and lowlights) from the week.

1. holy hand sanitizer, batman. i don't think i've ever been as disinfected as i've been the past few days ( : apparently the hospital won an award this summer for best use of hand sanitizer (how would you even measure that?) and i'm not even surprised.

2. if you are thinking of having a baby at the a.f. hospital, try to request NOT being taken care of by CHRISTA G. not only is she a total crazy nurse, but she may or may not make super-rude comments about your unborn baby and leave you in your room and never come back.

3. one of the funny things about being at the hospital late: every night when we left, the security guard would check our bags to make sure we didn't take any babies home with us.

4. fong's asian diner. it's on the corner of state street and 2000 and it is yummy! we went yesterday and got these adorable bento boxes and they were delicious. plus, when you walk in, it looks like a classic diner (a la 1950's). if you're ever close...totally check it out.
5. wheel of fortune word searches -- omg. probably the bane of my existence but at least it kept me occupied for a few hours at a time while waiting my turn to hang out with baby d.

6. baby d is super-adorable. i have a really cute nephew. i could say it a few more different ways, but that's pretty much it. congrats ruth + drew on making a baby!

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