Tuesday, July 13, 2010

don't even blink.

it seems like i'm always in a rush on my way to church. i'm typically a couple minutes late, but our bishopric totally enables us by not starting anything until about 1:10 anyways (yeah...we're even in the afternoon and i'm STILL late). so on the way there, i'm usually finishing makeup / changing shoes / putting on lotion / whatever else needs to be done and sometimes that requires taking off my rings (i wear two everyday -- always).

i walked into church yesterday -- sans rings. it was awkward...that feeling when something is so absolutely missing that you are itching to fix it. so after the first hour, i hustled outside to grab my rings.

and guess what? it was raining. dark clouds, rumbling thunder, the whole nine yards. a bona fide mini-summer storm. the tiny rain drops dripped on my head as i hurried to my car and back, relishing one of my top favorite things about summertime (the storms, duh).

but guess what else? by the time church was over, the sun was out and there was no evidence that there had been any precipitation at all. if i hadn't gone outside for those few quick minutes, i would have missed that adorable, little storm altogether.

there is so much awesome in the world -- gotta keep your eyes open as wide as possible so you don't miss out.


Austin said...

Summer storms are like home cooking. Nothing that unique about them, but they always put a smile on my face.

skroner said...

love this.

+ how it's rained like sixteen times since you've been gone..