Thursday, July 1, 2010

best seat in the house.

i flew to ohio this week and i was a little skeptical of my seats since i wasn't able to pick them. somehow, i ended up with the dreaded middle seat on the very first leg of my journey...awesome. but guess what? it wasn't bad. here's why. there were two seats on one side of the aisle and three on the other side. i was assigned to the middle seat on the three-seat side:

- AISLE - [ g ] [ X ] [ n ] - WINDOW -
g = guy next to me (aisle seat).
X = my seat (middle).
n = next to my seat (by the window).

here is the awesome part. instead of having a seat next to the window...there was nothing. just empty space. so instead of sitting between two crazies (because they're always crazy), i sat next to one guy and one empty space. basically i had a window seat...just a few feet away from the window. score. plus it was in an exit row so we had extra leg room (because i totally need it).

and since i love are things i thought about on the plane:
- flying on planes always makes me tired.
- i only ever get seated next to boys. in all my years of flying solo, i don't think i've ever sat next to a girl.
- i never sat in an exit row until this trip.
- i have to chew gum while i'm flying.
- if you pretend youre asleep, they wont make you turn off your ipod.

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