Tuesday, July 6, 2010

change of heart.

when i left for college, my brother was still practically a baby. maybe that's why even now...when he's on the brink of turning 12...i still see him as a little kid. i'm pretty sure he's going to grow up (whether any of us like it or not) and that's kind of scary. but what can i do?

then today...i decided something. my dad is always encouraging DK to eat healthy food so he will grow up to be big and strong.

i no longer condone this.

if my little brother wants to eat food without any dietary value, i wholeheartedly support that. if he wants to stay tiny and adorable forever...i'm all about that. so from now on -- i'm hiding the vegetables. and the vitamins. i love my baby (nearly-as-tall-and-strong-as-me) brother just like he is.

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