Friday, July 9, 2010

never wanna wake up.

being in ohio has been like a crazy dream. a good one...but still sort of insane. it's been fun to catch up with friends, hang out with my family, visit my old station and actually take some time to relax for once. without getting into the complex details of my wonderful adventures here so's three quotes from the movie i watched last night. pretty much everything that's happened since i've been here can fall under one of these categories.

"you can't stop a story being told."

"can you put a price on your dreams?"

"you were the best mistake i ever made."

the imaginarium of dr. parnassus...definitely an interesting flick. not released widely in the u.s., but it was heath ledger's last movie, with cameos from johnny depp, jude law and colin farrell (all playing heath's character) so i'm glad i watched it. it was a story about stories, one of a handful of things i am seriously passionate about. life wouldn't end without dreams or stories, but it just wouldn't be as awesome. anyways. loved it. love ohio. life is good.

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skroner said...

just love movie nights (:
but just don't go yet and stay and watch old spice commercials and play piano with me ):