Saturday, July 10, 2010

"civilization's going to pieces."

i've taken a lot of honors english classes in my life. most of those seem lifetimes away, so i've been re-reading some of the old classics. on my flight to ohio, i read the first half of "the great gatsby." and now...i can't find it ANYWHERE.

i know. it's devastating.

i picked up my old copy of "catcher in the rye" so i still have something to read (for now) but still. i need gatsby. i think i might just have to get another copy because i want to finish it this week. i'd forgotten how much i love reading without having to worry about answering questions, taking vocabulary quizzes and all those awful things. so now that i'm done with school, i can just enjoy reading for the love of it. and for the love of nick carraway...

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