Thursday, July 29, 2010

listen up.

i've always considered myself to be a kinetic student -- i learn by doing. in most of my classes (both with theatre and broadcast), i was thrust into a brand new world of "doing" with little to no formal instruction. it was sink or swim -- either in front of the cold eye of my camera lens or in the presence of an unforgiving live audience. but lately i've been thinking about the effect of something much stronger in my life: the power of sound and how we are conditioned to learn and remember things because of it.

there are few things that can affect a person more than certain sounds. from the smashing of broken glass to the whisper of a close friend, each sound can mean something so dynamic and different. and in each person's life, i would argue that there are certain sounds that you cannot forget -- no matter what. these voices / sounds follow us throughout our lives and whenever we re-encounter them, there is no mistaking it. they bring with them a flood of enchanting memories (at best) or spine-tingling nightmares (at worst).

there's just no escaping the sounds of your past.

today, i heard a voice that i knew so well many years ago (slightly disguised as it was) and i fell in love all over again.

p.s. no. it's not the ghostbusters guy. WAIT FOR IT.....

oh justin timberlake. i will always love you.

p.s.again. based on the trailer, does this look like a good movie? not really. i mean, is it really worth seeing if i can't actually SEE the love of my teenage life? debatable. but the point is...i knew it was him. and that's what counts.


Natalie Marie said...

wow I would have never been able to pick that out, nice work!

skroner said...

oh my HECK. that HARDLY sounds like him!! i don't believe it.