Monday, July 26, 2010

relationship on the rocks.

two years and three months into our relationship...lex and i have started to hit a few bumps.

it started with a light: a tiny one in the front that refused to be fixed. i replaced it -- he burnt it out again (a week later). now my blinker goes double speed when i want to turn right, which makes me want to stop using my turn signal altogether. to hide my shame, i turn off the auto-lights function so it doesn't look like lex and i are having issues.

isn't that always how it starts? something that shouldn't even be an issue. something you try to fix, but it can't be repaired. then...denial -- covering up the problem and pretending it didn't happen.

so we took a little break. i went to ohio and drove a few other cars there, while lex stayed in utah. he's not the roaming type, but it gave him time to think. and i think all of that thinking made him upset. i've been back a few weeks and it seemed like things were okay. we've been going places, hanging out with friends just like old times. and then yesterday -- totally out of nowhere!! -- boom. dead battery.

did he plan it? i don't know. i ditched him and decided to hitch a ride but when i came back last night, i called aaa and got a new battery. the guy said we'd be good for 3-5 years after that and gave me a warrantee (just in case). but how can you ever really know?

so lex and i are trying to work through this rough patch. we know that relationships are a two-way street and we appreciate all your love and support through this difficult time. we're going to try to go back to the shop this week to take another look at that front light and then just go from there...take it a day at a time. because when you care about someone, what else can you do? you just love matter what life throws your way. because together -- you can make it work.


Jon said...

If you have time, I would suggest a nice detail. Take him to one of the do-it-yourself car washes and give him a real thorough wash. Vacuum out the inside, and give him a really good coat of wax. Also, if you can get to the car wash before the engine gets too hot, spray down the engine compartment with Simple Green, let it soak in for a minute, and then use the high pressure sprayer to wash it off.
If you follow all of this up with some tire shine, I'm sure he'll be back to his happy old self again. I do this periodically to make sure my car is always happy and runs it's best. It really works. They can tell how much you love them, and will love you back.
Good luck!

skroner said...