Sunday, September 26, 2010

having a little bit too much fun...

i've been working like crazy this week (including breaking news from 1AM-9AM on friday morning -- which included me doing 5 live shots -- and from 4:30-1030PM that night!) so yesterday i tried to get some much-needed rest. i spent the day unpacking and got some basic necessities for my life (like shampoo and more yogurt). my bishop dropped off a dresser (that i want to paint) and some other things that hopefully i can use in my house. one of the boys from my station offered to help me put together my bed frame and then a bunch of the channel 9 and channel 7 reporters went out to celebrate one of our reporter's birthdays. we went to this dancing place and it was a lot of fun...until someone behind me stepped on my shoe, making me trip and fall on my butt. today i woke up to a glorious sight:
hello, twisted ankle that is twice as huge as my other one. luckily today was pretty low-key so i could try to rest it but i don't have any ice so i just took some ibuprofen and tried to keep my ankle raised when i could. hopefully it will be better by tomorrow. or maybe at least i can buy some ice cube trays or something.

p.s. i never felt like a truly "poor" college kid. i always had food and clothes and everything that i ever wanted so i never worried about stuff like that. and now...i don't even have ICE for my swollen ankle. welcome to my poor post-college life ( :

oh! and remember this movie?!

...i feel like meg. love those weak ankles.


skroner said...

hahaha just love meg's weak ankles (: i remember watching that with you + ruth back in the day! i hope yours feel better though :/ miss you tons!!

Jon said...

Ha ha! A "dancing place," huh? Sounds fun, but I hope your ankle feels better soon! In the first apartment that I lived in when I was truly alone, I used a toaster oven ALL THE TIME. It was so much more efficient than having to preheat the oven. Just thought I'd make a suggestion... then again, they do have a tendency to catch on fire and burn stuff down. So, on second thought, you might want to just stick with getting a microwave and using the real oven.

Anonymous said...

gives a whole new meaning to

breaking news