Sunday, September 12, 2010

on my way...

i've taken some pictures of wausau between today and yesterday, but what would those mean without looking at my journey first?

here's my car.
it looks a little full, doesn't it?
no, i could not see out the back.
yes, that was probably dangerous.
no, i didn't get into any accidents.
but yes...someone almost hit me because they were an idiot.
but now i'm fine.
psh. and andrew said i'd never be able to fit all of it...
somehow i did.
(p.s. i can't open the back passenger door because it'll all fall out)
but there wasn't really space for anything / anyone else ) :
it was seriously like tetris. but with luggage.
^ wyoming.
here is a picture of i-80 (the road i was on for nearly half the trip)
with clouds and windmills, two things that i've grown to love.
^ nebraska.
love love love clouds and beautiful sunlight.
^ iowa.
not going to lie...not the most interesting looking state ever.
^ wisconsin ( :

p.s. thanks to mom & dad for my new camera, with which i love taking pictures. also thanks to sarah and ruth and drew (and his coupon) and dustin for helping me pick it out!


Rachael said...

I am so glad to see that you got there safe and sound. I am majorly impressed with your packing job. The number of suitcases that I spotted was 4. How many did you really have shoved in there? Hehe. Utah will miss you dearly, but Wisconsin will be such an awesome adventure. P.S. It has to be cool, it's neighbors with Michigan.

anna. said...

i think there's 5 actual pieces of luggage, but much more other stuff -- one of those giant tupperware things, a handful of cardboard boxes, a tv, two hula hoops, two laundry baskets (one full of shoes and another one with random things), a few trash bags and numerous other plastic bags full of clothes (since i figured that'd be more space-efficient than using bigger boxes). when i get into my apartment, i will put it all in a huge pile so you can see all of it.

skroner said...

hahahahah i'm glad you got there safe (: