Tuesday, September 14, 2010

welcome to wausau.

i like that all the signs say welcome "home" to wausau.
i live here now.
it's still kind of weird, but so far i LOVE it.
the first thing i noticed about wausau was the stoplights:
^ they are sideways!
the next thing i noticed?
there is water EVERYWHERE.
^ this is the river that runs right through downtown wausau.
^ i love all the bridges too.
want to see a couple weird traffic things?
(you do.)
there are a lot of these:
^ railroad crossings! right in the middle of the city.
many of them don't have the arms at all so you just have to be careful when you cross in case trains are coming!!
^ if you can read the sign, it says: "left turn lane" and it has a nice little arrow showing you where it is. maybe it's in case people don't know what left turn lanes are? there are a TON of these all over town.
^ also...instead of all numbers, some of the roads are letters.
^ here is my favorite part of downtown wausau.
the brick streets are so pretty and i love that there is a park right in the middle of the city!
^ plus, that's where i found the theatre!
and mom -- the blue man group is coming to town in january in case you want to come check it out ( :
^ this is the sign i've seen most frequently here in wausau.
^ not even kidding.
^ pretty much every road is 35 mph!
okay. now are you ready for the best part?
^ this is where i work!
pretty and purple and...
^ ...right across the street from a GIANT cemetery. literally.
anyways. that's wausau. least a little bit of it.
stay tuned to hear about where i'm staying (now), what my new apartment is going to be like (next week) and what it's like at WAOW.
my first day is TOMORROW!!
wish me luck ( :


Mrs. D said...

luck luck!!

This, I think, was one of my favorite posts you have ever done. EVER. I LOVE the pictures, and that river makes me want to go for a run!!! DO they have trails there too? I love the park... DEFINITELY count me in for a visit next summer. I can't wait to see you in action!!

Rachael said...

Wishing you luck galore. That place looks adorable. Who needs to drive faster than 35 mph anyway? Hehe. I am excited to see your place... or your temporary place I guess. Have an amazing time at work tomorrow!

Natalie Marie said...

love you and miss you and loved my little tour of Wausau, especially the theatre!

skroner said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love itttttt!!!! (: especially the stoplights.. I CAN'T WAIT TO COME VISIT (: