Thursday, September 2, 2010

september already?! i the only one who thinks summer went by too fast?

over the weekend, i moved my entire life 20 miles away to springville to live with my bff, her bf and her bff while she was growing up in florida. plus her florida bff's adorable 2-year-old. everyone i know started back to school and i hit the streets on tuesday to put together a news story in one day (by request from a station i have been interviewing with) -- something that is pretty much a requirement if you want to work in local tv news. despite some major complications and setbacks, i put together a story i am happy with (click HERE to watch my story about the possible demise of the deseret news).

so, a few job interviews in the past few weeks, my documentary premiere on the horizon and who knows what will happen next. but for now...the most exciting and awesome thing about today:
college football is back!!!
my ohio state buckeyes are playing against marshall tonight in their season opener. plus byu kicks off against washington this weekend and that should be a good game too. yay football!


Mrs. D said...

yay buckeyes!!! and yes i agree that summer just dissappeared on us... lame! hopefully the next school year goes just as fast :) love youuu and cant wait till you post about a (hopefully near future) job????

Anonymous said...

damn u are so freaking good.

i was blown away (except for when the vid spazed when u came on screen, the obvious best part of the vid)

then again, maybe u suck and news people in la are just so bad that i don't know what good is.

guess u may just have to move