Thursday, September 23, 2010

the pictures you've been waiting for...

i moved into my awesome apartment dream house!!
^ here's all the stuff i had in my car.
...seriously. be impressed.
it was quite the feat getting it all in but now i'm working on unpacking and settling in and soon i will have pictures of my awesome new apartment that i love.

did you know that i've been working at channel 9 for six days now
...and i've been live on location for three of them?
check out my live shots:

in other news, i can't eat anything*.

*that involves the use of a microwave, can opener, blender, cooking sheet, silverware, knives or measuring spoons.

plus, i have an oven / stovetop...but nothing to prepare food in
(like pans, baking sheets, etc.)

no worries...i'll go shopping this weekend / next week. but for now, it's mostly granola bars, carrot sticks and sandwiches. yum ( :


Natalie Marie said...

you are amazing and I miss you too :)

Rachael said...

Anna, your stories are amazing. The link for the bike path story did not work, but I was able to find it with the search at the top of the WAOW page. Also, you should have told me you didn't have a microwave. We have an extra one in our basement. Basically, you should just move back to Utah, I have oodles of extra dishes, pans, and microwaveness going on in Bountiful. Your place looks cute. I can't wait to see it all decorated.

skroner said...

AYAYAYA for being moved in!!! i'm going to bed but i'm watching your other two vids FIRST THING in the morning (:

Mrs. D said...

I PROMISE I am talking to mom TONIGHT about buying you stuff :) Sorry its been so crazy with me being sick and all. I cant wait to see everything put together and baby d and i are sending you a utah package tonight too! :) get excited you should get it next week!

Anonymous said...

wow, that is a disturbing amount of things- - - but u totally made up for it by making a "in other news" joke... hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

wow, that is a disturbing amount of things- - - but u totally made up for it by announcing u can't eat with "in other news" joke... hahahaha. classic