Sunday, September 19, 2010

home sweet hotel.

number one best thing about living in a hotel:
^ you never have to make your bed...
but it's always made when you get home from work!!
i've been living in a hotel for about ten days now.
(i brought in some of the stuff that had been living in my backseat so i could see out the back window, but it's still mostly packed up)
i thought it would be all glamorous and awesome...and it is.
but also, it's a hotel. not a home.
so even though i've been having fun hanging out in my temporary residence, it will be nice to move into my apartment tomorrow night.
^ this was the view outside my window on the first day of work (last wednesday). can you see lex?? the clouds were pretty so i thought i'd take a picture to commemorate the day.

if you didn't know, i stayed at la quinta my first few nights in wausau and then moved to a super 8 when i found out how expensive it was to stay at LQ over the weekend...
^ as you can see in this map, i moved all the way across the parking lot to my new hotel and i've been here ever since.
(LQ is the green one and S8 is the tan one)

if you're wondering how life is at newsline 9...
rest assured that it is AWESOME and i absolutely LOVE IT.
yes, the hours are long, but they are so worth it. especially when you go live on day 3 of work and when you make your way back to the newsroom, your news director comes up to you and says, "are you sure we just hired you this week?" i guess maybe other reporters don't get on the air so quick (or maybe not live? i don't really know) but regardless, it's always a plus to be on the boss' good side.


Spencer said...

This is awesome Anna! I'm so happy for you and am so happy you are loving your job!

Mrs. D said...

love it. miss you <3

skroner said...

i miss you so much (:

Anonymous said...

it took u 3 days to get on live?

i think ur losing ur touch.

Jon said...

Who's that anonymous jerk???

anna. said...

let's hope that was sarcasm ( :

thanks everyone. miss you all tons