Monday, October 4, 2010

my bespectacled love.

if you know me, you know that the man who's held the key to my heart for more than a decade is none other than mr. justin randall timberlake. if you've seen him on tv promoting his latest movie ("the social network"), you've seen his adorable glasses.i've always thought it interesting that most boys i know would rather wear contacts instead of glasses. sure, it might be more comfortable and convenient to do that, but let's be honest...
glasses are adorable. they look awesome on justin and now i've decided that every boy should wear some.
how can you not love a face like that with glasses like those?

i submit that you cannot.

p.s. check out this rap he did on jimmy fallon (with glasses, of course). thanks to drew who sent me the link!


micaela said...

i loved it when he fixed his glasses. precious moment.

Mrs. D said...

umm drew had me watch that and i'm pretty sure I drooled a little. he is SO gorgeous and absolutely charming! i heart him. just don't tell drew. or dustin. but we all know hes yours anyways so i am just wasting my time here... :)