Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my life is embarrassing.

i do a lot of embarrassing things. the main difference now is that i'm on live TV or in a car with my station's logo plastered across the side.

monday was kind of a crazy day...i put together a story about the pumpkin harvest before driving an hour away to do a story about a water shortage and i knew i would have to drive the hour back and then a little more to cover an honor flight, where WWII vets got to fly to D.C. to look at the memorial for free. needless to say, my brain was kind of all over the place that night.

i got in my car on the way out of abbotsford to start driving to the airport. it was nighttime so i flipped my lights on really quickly and somehow managed to turn on my hazard lights at the same time.

let me preface this by saying that we have about 6 different cars that i might be using on any given day, and although i'm familiar with all of them, they are each a little different and unique.

so i am driving towards the highway, trying to figure out how to turn off those flashing lights. i was in a small town, so i'm sure it looked a little suspicious. when i got close to the freeway, i pulled over into a parking lot. i didn't want to drive all the way back with my hazard lights on, and i was sure i could figure out how to turn them off if i just had a minute that i wasn't driving.

needless to say, this was not the case. i pulled over...stopped my car...turned on the lights...and still couldn't figure it out. some guy drove up to see if i needed help and i told him i was fine -- i just didn't know how to turn those darn lights off. he tried to help me but after both of us searching to no avail for a few minutes, i just started my trek to the airport with my hazard lights on.


anyways. about halfway to the airport, i realize that the button for the blinkers was on the column between the driver and passenger seats. why didn't i notice that earlier? i have no idea. i turned them off, but i still felt pretty dumb.

in other news, my house smells like cinnamon and it's awesome.


Mrs. D said...

ahaha thats awesome!!! i wish i could have seen that. at least you will probably never see that guy again. i, on the other hand, do embarassing things all the time in front of my students and high schoolers NEVER forget about stuff like that :)

skroner said...

ahahahahahahahhah i just read this out loud to micaela and we both laughed.

we love you (: and miss you!!! and i can't wait to smell your cinnamon house first-hand (:

Rachael said...

I love that the solution was just leaving them on. If you want to pull a prank on someone from the station, just turn on the hazard lights before they get in and see how long it takes them to find them. hehe.