Wednesday, October 13, 2010

things my sisters (and emily) will like.

1. i started on my 2nd loaf of awesome bread that my sisters sent!
^ it's been in the freezer for a while but i toasted some of it
today and it was still delicious. thanks again!!

2. i sprung for some cleaning supplies.
^ guess what was on sale, mrs. d?!

3. i went to the mall and found two of surrah's favorite things:
^ plus yummy auntie anne's pretzels!
don't worry. i didn't have any without you.
^ 4. plus i think it's funny that they call it soda here.
it's pop. it really is.

5. as i type this, i have chicken breasts baking in the oven (like i used to make with my bff, emily). i went to turn them over and they were still kind of icky when i stabbed the fork in (they're only half done, after all) and guess what was the first thing that came to mind?

"...she was gross."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

other random things:

- i got my picture taken at work (on my day off)
because they want to put it on the website. eek.

- i went to open a bank account yesterday (somewhat unsuccessfully, since i forgot to bring cash to put in it). the bank lady introduced herself to me and i told her my name was anna. and she says, "oh...anna carrera! i've seen you on tv." eek!

- i may or may not be getting a couch today. i paid for it yesterday and it's supposed to be delivered today, but i forgot to get a receipt so i'm hoping it gets here at some point. eek again.


Mrs. D said...

like like like like!!!!!!!!!11

Jon said...

You're famous! Can I have your autograph?

Natalie Marie said...

oh my josh you're so famous!

skroner said...


SO FAMOUS. x infinity.
can't wait to eat auntie anne's + CHEESE when i come visit! (((: eeekk!!

Emmmmmers said...

Hey! I AM your sister :)


Anonymous said...

lol, anna. well, at least if u dont get ur couch you have a new story (but srsly, who's gonna keep you from a couch).

love the soda sign pic almost as much as the cleaning supply pic... come on, no work photos, no toilet photos, no here is the weird guy i see every day on my way to work pics?