Tuesday, October 26, 2010

welcome inside my house!

you walk up the stairs of my apartment and you're in my living room.
(i think it has high ceilings, but maybe i'm just short...)
^ i need to get something to put my tv on...but besides that i love it.
^ the green armchair (that i'm not sure i'll keep) and my $25 couch with cover and ohio state blanket ( : plus a coat closet. the wood molding is the top of the wall. i can see the stairs when i look over it.
^ my living room is right next to my kitchen.
love my mirror art? (i didn't want to buy a hammer so i
put the nails in with the top of my round brush. creative, no?)
the hallway to the right leads to my bedroom and bathroom.
^ i love my kitchen.
^ sooo pretty! granite countertops, black stove
and refrigerator and nice wood cabinetry.
^ this is what you see when you look in the door to my bathroom.
did i mention my bath has hot tub jets??
^ yep. pretty bathroom-y.
^ and then next to my shower is my washer and dryer.
(and a few of my bras...oops)
^ and THIS is my bedroom!!
no decorations (yet) but at least i have a bed ( :
and i turn my ceiling fan on every night.
(how did i live without one for so long?)
^ and my walk-in closet which has tons of room for all my clothes.
who wants to come visit?


Natalie Marie said...

love the mirrors!

Mrs. D said...

me me me me!!!!

I am SOOOOO jealous!! I love your house! Way to decorate, woman!! so proud of you!

Rachael said...

Oh me, pick me to come visit.

skroner said...

and the mirrors especially (: ahhhhhh i can't wait to see youu!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Those mirrors look suspiciously familiar :) Looks great! It may need an Indian room though ;)

& by the way, the captcha I have to fill out below to post this comment is dam thee...(where's a camera to prove things like this when you need one?)