Thursday, October 21, 2010

my house -- a preview.

this is the sign outside my neighborhood.
^ see?? it says STRAWBERRY FIELDS!!
"serene, secluded and secure.
living the good life." is all of those things.
^ if you drive up to the fork in the road and turn right, i think my apartment is one of those boxes...but i'm not sure which one. some of them are still being built so it's hard to know for sure.
^ this is the gym that i get to go to for free. two treadmills, an elliptical, weight machines and a tanning bed (not pictured). i usually see more people tanning than exercising while i'm working out...
^ this is the outside of my apartment. it's the right door of the two that are identical to each other: #3. the balcony that is shown is mine too!
^ i open the door and go up the stairs to my apartment...
and you'll have to check back to see how cool it is inside ( :


Emilyyyyyyy said...

You Little Tease.

skroner said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. and your cupboards. and i want to see the rest. STAT. (: